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    Anti-Loss Strap

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    12 months+

    Baby-safe fabric & plastic

    Length is selectable.

    ❤️ Reasons to love

    As babies grow and become mischievous, parents can't always keep an eye on them. In crowded places, parents can protect their babies with the anti-lost leash, while also giving them a certain degree of freedom.

    Thickened PU wrap, unbreakable high elasticity.

    Double insurance adhesive wrist strap, it's "extremely difficult" for the baby to open.

    Lock buckle design, prevents others from forcibly opening.

    Soft breathable organic cotton, comfortable to wear without binding the hand.

    High-altitude operation level binding strap, no risk of breaking.

    Full-angle flexible rotation, the baby can play freely without tangling the line.


    What’s in the box?

    Anti-Loss Strap*1





    Buckle - POM (Polyoxymethylene);
    Spring cord - 304 Stainless Steel;
    Material - PU (Polyurethane) + PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).


    Amber Green


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    Anti-Loss Strap

    Protect them with Bc Babycare

    Baby won't get lost, confidently play outside.

    Protect them with Bc Babycare

    Baby won't get lost, confidently play outside.

    Mischievous baby can explore the world with safty and freedom

    Triple-layer protection, enhanced defense.

    Triple-layer protection, enhanced defense.

    The first layer uses 304 stainless steel wire, the second layer is wrapped in PU material, and the third layer is covered with high-transparency PU. While ensuring safety, the color is also very beautiful.

    Interlock and stick the tape,Fasten the buckle

    One-on-one buckle

    All season wonder

    Soft and Comfortable cotton

    All season wonder

    Soft and Comfortable cotton

    No Tangling

    360-degree Rotation without Tangling

    No Tangling

    360-degree Rotation without Tangling

    About Bc Babycare

    About Bc Babycare

    At Bc Babycare, we recognize that every new life is precious, and we strive to design products as unique and adored as every newborn that enters this world. We’re constantly brainstorming and discovering new ways to challenge the industry to think differently about baby products.

    Our designers put parents first in an effort to support their needs in caring for precious newborns and toddlers. We are not simply a brand for parents and babies; we’re a companion in the journey of a new life.

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