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    Junior Blender Machine


    3+ years old

    Encourages imaginative play

    Realistic wooden mix-up toy set

    10 pieces of items included

    Eco-friendly, non-toxic and BPA-free wood

    What’s in the box?

    • 1 * A bag of wheat
    • 1 * avocado
    • 1 * mushroom
    • 1* shrimp
    • 1 * egg
    • Dimensions (W x H x L) : 9.1” x 5.1 “ x 9.4” ( 23cm x 13cm x 23.8cm) 2.89 lbs
    • Materials: BPA-FREE Wood, Hardware, Plastic

    ❤️ Reasons to love

    • Boost creativity and imagination: Unleash your child's creativity with our wooden mixing set - the perfect tool for imaginative playtime!
    • All about happy play and fun:the perfect way to bring joy and laughter to your child's playtime!
    • Role play: Watch as your child takes on the role of a master chef with our wooden mixer and kitchen toys, providing hours of imaginative play and endless fun!
    • Eco-friendly materials: Wooden blender toy set are built with smooth, rounded edges, providing a safe and secure play experience for your child.
    • Perfect gift:we love your child like you do, we hope every child could have a happy childhood.

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    Junior Blender Machine


    Mix up some fun!

    ultimate toy for happy play and endless fun!

    Boost creativity and imagination


    Ignite imagination in babies. As little ones interact with the toys, they'll unlock the endless potential of their imaginations.


    Allowing children to play together. Help them develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and negotiating with others.


    Providies a platform for open-ended play to nurture a child's inventive spirit and nurtures their creative potential.


    An array of interactive elements to challenge babies and toddlers to develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and balance.

    Watch as your little ones become culinary masters

    whipping up delicious treats with our blender machine and kitchen toys the perfect recipe for nurturing their passion for cooking!

    Worry-free Playtime

    Worry-free Playtime

    Durable, non-toxic wood with eco-paint for safe, imaginative play.

    Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    Full set of accessories let children personally experience the joy of cooking .

    About Bc Babycare

    We love your baby, like you do.

    About Bc Babycare

    We love your baby, like you do.

    At Bc Babycare, we recognize that every new life is precious, and we strive to design products as unique and adored as every newborn that enters this world. We’re constantly brainstorming and discovering new ways to challenge the industry to think differently about baby products.

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