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    Dinosaur Footprint Gauge

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    6 months old+

    Baby-safe design

    Clear and long-lasting printed markings

    Foldable barrier for effortless measurements

    ❤️ Reasons to love

    Extensive Range, Precise Measurement - Expanded measurement range up to 23.5cm, capturing every growth milestone.

    Easy-to-Read Markings - Jagged fixed scale for effortless readings.

    Safety and Durability - Crafted from durable, abrasion-resistant ABS material with a smooth finish for added comfort.

    Clear Printing - Utilizing UV printing technology for long-lasting, wear-resistant markings.

    Foldable Barrier and Heel Lock Design - Prevents baby's movement for more accurate measurements of little feet.

    Additional Features

    Adorable Dinosaur Design, Beloved by Little Ones
    Arrow Markings for Easy and Accurate Reading
    Measure First, Read Later - Avoid Haste
    Foldable Barrier for Convenient Storage






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    Dinosaur Footprint Gauge

    Don't move!

    Don't move!

    With the front barrier and heel lock design in the back, measuring kids' feet is now hassle-free for parents!

    Clear and durable printed markings

    Clear and durable printed markings

    Foldable barrier for easy measurement

    Foldable barrier for easy measurement

    Free shipping on orders $35+

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