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    13°Tilted Straw Anti-Colic PPSU Bottle

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    12 months+

    Microwave & freezer & dishwasher safe

    13° tilt angle to prevent head tilting

    ❤️ Reasons to love

    Mimics breast milk, providing a taste similar to direct breastfeeding.

    The 13° tilt angle allows for smooth milk drinking without tilting the head. It prevents choking and ensures that the milk flows smoothly into the esophagus for easy swallowing by the baby.

    Avoiding pacifiers reduces the risk of malocclusion and tooth decay. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends completely stopping the use of pacifier-shaped bottles by 18 months at the latest.

    No matter how it's shaken, it won't leak. With dual protection against spraying and leaking, it withstands all kinds of baby "positions."

    With a 360° gravity ball, it can be used while sitting or lying down.


    What's in the box?

    Dedicated nipple*1

    Screw-on handle*1

    Gravity ball straw*1

    Dust Cover*1


    Silicone, PPSUC




    115mm * 75mm * 160mm


    For the health and safety of the baby, please ensure that the water temperature used for mixing is below 45°C, which also helps prevent splashing.

    The packaging of this product may contain Chinese characters. Please do not place an order if you mind.

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    13°Tilted Straw Anti-Colic PPSU Bottle

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    About Bc Babycare

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