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    Baby Talking Duck Toy

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    3 years old+

    Precise and durable craftsmanship

    Delightful interaction with a talking toy

    Able to dance to the music

    Soft materials for a soothing touch

    ❤️ Reasons to love

    Cute Voice Mimicking Fun - Press the duck's right foot to record 10 seconds of speech and play it back, helping your baby learn to talk.

    Dance to the Beat - The doll can groove its neck to the music, but please avoid bending it too far.

    Non-stop Fun, Multiple Features - Press the doll's left foot to sway its neck, double-tap to pause, and triple-tap to change the music.

    Soft and Gentle - Made with crystal ultra-soft short plush that doesn't shed and is safe for nibbling.

    Resilient Stuffing - Withstands squeezing and retains its shape.

    Additional Features

    Adorable duck design
    Handcrafted with intricate stitching
    Well-defined 3D duckbill
    Resilient stuffing for lasting shape retention


    Dimensions (L × W × H)
    6.30" x 4.33" x 12.99"




    Triple-A five battery × 3

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    Baby Talking Duck Toy

    "I will say what you say!"

    "I will say what you say!"

    Hey there, little ones! Come press my right foot, and I'll talk just like you do! Sounds fun, doesn't it?

    Kids' best buddy

    Kids' best buddy

    I'm Kabuli, the best friend in the world of children. I can dance, talk, sing, you name it!

    Dance to the beat

    Dance to the beat

    Hey, do you enjoy dancing? Press my left foot and sway along with me!

    Soft and gentle materials

    Soft and gentle materials

    Baby-safe design is always our top priority. It's durable and suitable for gentle nibbling.

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