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    Bunny Head Shaping Pillow

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    First Year Essentials (0-12 months)

    Adjustable bunny ears for targeted improvements

    Patented bunny ear design

    Breathable materials for sweet dreams

    Baby-safe materials

    ❤️ Reasons to love

    Adjustable rabbit ears - Based on specific head shape issues, targeted improvements can be made.

    Scientific pillow height - Specially designed for babies aged 3-12 months, meeting the growth requirements of newborns’ cervical spine.

    Elastic and eco-friendly - Sorona Sustans® and TPE materials offer excellent support and long-lasting experience to the baby's head.

    Comfortable sleeping - The use of breatheable materials promotes a cool and dry sleeping environment, effectively evaporating sweat and keeping it clean at all times.

    Baby-safe - It's 98% antibacterial, effectively preventing allergic reactions.


    Dimensions (H×L)
    14.96” × 11.02"

    3.35 kg (7.38 lbs)

    Dark Blue, Light Blue and Pink

    Pillowcase surface/ear surface - 59% cotton, 39% polyester fiber, 2% spandex
    Pillowcase bottom/ear bottom - 60% cotton, 40% polyethylene fiber
    Ear plush fabric - 100% polyester fiber
    Pillow mesh layer/ear mesh layer - 100% polyester fiber
    Pillow lining - 100% polyester fiber
    Pillow filling - 100% polyester fiber + TPE
    Ear filling - 100% polyester fiber (excluding ingredients)

    How to clean
    It is recommended to gently remove and separate the bunny ears for washing. We suggest using a laundry bag and a gentle machine wash.

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    Bunny Head Shaping Pillow

    Adjustable bunny ears

    Designed for specific needs

    Adjustable bunny ears

    Designed for specific needs

    This adorable bunny pillow is meticulously engineered to provide precise adjustment based on the specific requirements of a baby’s head shape.

    Comfortable sleeping for healthy growing

    Breatheable materials ensure nice sleep

    Comfortable sleeping for healthy growing

    Breatheable materials ensure nice sleep

    Pillows that are excessively soft lack the necessary support, whereas overly firm ones fail to contour to the body properly. This scientifically developed filling achieves an optimal balance of comfort and support.

    About Bc Babycare

    About Bc Babycare

    At Bc Babycare, we recognize that every new life is precious, and we strive to design products as unique and adored as every newborn that enters this world. We’re constantly brainstorming and discovering new ways to challenge the industry to think differently about baby products.

    Our designers put parents first in an effort to support their needs in caring for precious newborns and toddlers. We are not simply a brand for parents and babies; we’re a companion in the journey of a new life.

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