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    Electric Toothbrush for Children

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    1-12 years old

    Baby-safe materials

    Wireless charging

    Ergonomic handle design

    ❤️ Reasons to love

    Deep Cleaning - The Korean PEDEX 0.1mm antibacterial soft bristles penetrate deep into tooth gaps for thorough cleaning.

    Three-Speed Settings -Choose from three different frequencies, offering low vibration and minimal noise, ensuring an efficient and baby-friendly cleaning experience.

    Patented Motor Design - Our toothbrush's vibrations won't numb your baby's hand, delivering strong cleaning power.

    Motivational Interactive Design - After each brushing session, a star on the toothbrush handle lights up, making brushing fun and rewarding.

    Safety First - Crafted from TPE/ABS/PC materials, providing peace of mind and safety for your child.

    Wireless Charging - Convenient and fast, with a suction feature to prevent the toothbrush from tipping over, keeping your countertop tidy.

    Additional Features

    IPX7 Waterproof Design
    Soft Rubber Tongue Cleaner Attachment
    Wide Brush Head with TPE Coating for a Secure Grip
    30-Second Gentle Vibrations to Remind Changing Brush Areas


    Dimensions (H × W × L)
    8.35" x 1.95" x 1.95"

    What's in the box?
    Replaceable Brush Head × 1
    Magnetic Charging Base × 1



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    Electric Toothbrush for Children

    Essential Items for Growing Up

    Essential Items for Growing Up

    Sleek and powerful. Wireless charging with a suction feature. Say goodbye to worries about your child's dental health

    Minimal noise with highly-effective cleansing

    Minimal noise with highly-effective cleansing

    Fearlessly brush your teeth and embrace the Bc Babycare experience! Let us help instill healthy habits in your children and prevent dental issues.

    Ergonomic handle and incentives design

    Ergonomic handle and incentives design

    Enhanced for improved grip, allowing kids to have fun while brushing their teeth.

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